‘A little while ago, reading the inscription on an altar found in Ilisua (Bistrita-Nasaud County), specialists discovered the ancient name of the Roman settlement there: Arcobadara that gave the name to the territory’.

Mihai Eminescu said: ‘In any way, everything must be DACIASED from now on’. Arcobadara was founded to restore ancient cultural values of the people living from the southeast to the Carpathians and in the Transylvanian mountains, and, as well, to create new such values.

This brand is aimed to disseminate the raciness of this culture within the 21st-century young people and within all other people in the world as a whole.

Arcobadara pays special attention to each and every detail created based on its own patterns and so gives a new format to the embellishments used many centuries ago. We co-operate with the best craftsmen from different countries or (Moldova and Romania) and so we try to help people not to forget their history and, meanwhile, to remain stylish and original.

We are proud of our origins, and our rich culture and new fantasies will make the world know it.

Arcobadara is based on nine historical symbols that are used in the branded embellishments and products, due to their splendour.

Since current fashion trends are essential to Arcobadara values, we choose the models and designs that comply with the criteria of combination of a historical background with modern tendencies.
#arcoteam develops five collections per year, which are always unique and made as one-of-a-kind.

Each Arcobadara masterpiece is filled with love, passion and idea of giving a new breath to the mankind’s cultural heritage.